We always like to keep you updated on the latest from the CHP as you navigate around California- not only so you can avoid monstrous traffic delays but also as a reminder of the potential for tragedy as so many of California’s drivers are driving distracted and recklessly. We hope that none of you are ever involved in an accident or incident and urge each driver to exercise caution and prudence around other drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

Still developing: A car and a big rig collided with one another on highway 805 Thursday morning. CHP is working tirelessly to free the car as it is trapped under the truck. The incident occurred near Sweetwater Road and crews are in the midst of freeing a silver Toyota Avalon from the underside of the truck. No news has been reported as to the condition of the drivers. Two southbound lanes are closed around the scene of the crash.

A driver on Highway 99 tragically lost his life on Wednesday as the truck he was traveling in rolled over just south of Victor Road. CHP has not released the driver’s name or age but did confirm that the truck involved was a mid-sized Chevrolet that, for reasons unknown, was passing a driver using the shoulder of the roadway. The driver then lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a cement bridge abutment- landing on the roof.

In a bizarre twist, CHP is being named as responsible for striking a motorcyclist in Adelanto. The female rider sustained minor injuries and is likely to file a complaint against the department for damages. Both the victim and the CHP patrolmen were traveling next to each other on southbound Interstate 15 when the patrol car ran into the left side of the motorcycle- sending the bike to the side of the road. CHP claims the patrol car was in the process of trying to pull a big rig over when he collided with the bike. CHP did a “thorough investigation” and the officer returned to work the following day.