Killed on Vacation; Greed over Safety. Family Retains LedgerLaw

By October 10, 2010 January 11th, 2018 Blog | Wrongful Death Lawyer

The Law Offices of Ledger & Associates has been retained by the family of a twenty-seven year old woman who was tragically killed in a parasailing accident in Clearwater, Florida. While on vacation, Alejandra White from Atlanta, Georgia, participated in a parasailing excursion after being encouraged that the activity was safe. The victim was taken up in very high winds and later the tow cable connected to the Parasail speed boat broke. White was thrown on to the beach; her head ultimately striking a wooden volleyball post. Her life was cut short by the negligence of the excursion operators; she died five days after the accident. The parasailing outfit, Sky Screamer Parasail of Clearwater, Florida, is currently under investigation.

Attorney Emery Brett Ledger stated, “This is a case of greed over safety. This should not have happened. My client would be tucking her eight year old daughter into bed tonight but for the greed and gross negligence of this tourist parasailing operator.” Ledger continued, “The conditions were not safe yet they decided profit was more important than my client’s life. Our law firm will be seeking justice on behalf of the eight year old daughter of Ms. White. We will also be working to make certain this never happens to another family.”
The parasailing industry in Florida is highly unregulated and the Ledger team intends to bring change to this recklessness not only through litigation but through aggressive lobbying of the state & national legislators.

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