It’s been around a bit longer than the internet but the telephone is still VERY high tech!

By January 15, 2010 April 9th, 2018 Law Office Management Category

The management of a Law Office is essential for both daily efficiency and long term achievements. Implementation of organizational policies must be employed by the entire staff, from paralegals to senior partners, no one is exempt. There are multiple options from software to college courses dedicated to exacting this organizational skill. In today’s Law Offices there are several ways to communicate with people. One form of communication is via phone. It is through the phone that we can experience a first impression all the way until the future correspondence after the conclusion of a case. A key aspect of successful communication is acquiring the ability to prioritize and execute. We treat both these actions as personal goals and office policies.

The initial impression of a Law Office can most often be best assessed by the phone etiquette of its staff. It is too frequent that consumers are dissatisfied with a service because of the inability of the staff to make conscious efforts to communicate and connect. We feel that the phone etiquette of our members should accomplish a certain quality of work as well as establish a connection with our client. It only follows that discussion of numbers and figures are more pleasant when both parties are personally invested. We find that the value of our exclusive service is an exceptional partner to the results we procure at conclusion.

To achieve a level of phone etiquette quality that is parallel to our standards we must implement basic policies. It is our policy and personal goal to always make our clients the priority. Some Law Firms choose to side step these basic details by outsourcing to automated systems or answering services. These services are lacking in efficiency and personality. A business cannot thrive without a basic awareness of common courtesy as simple as a return phone call. It is apparent that returning phone calls is no vast or great achievement. However, it is a far step above those who do not practice these methods. There are businesses discovering that the executions of these attentions to detail are beyond their achievements.

Our clients, as well as others, benefit from our communication organization. There is a universal sigh of relief to hear a person on the other end when calling a business for the first time. When somebody calls our office we want to generate a high-quality perception from the beginning and build on it as we go. The reputation of a Law Firm is fragile, so careful consideration of each aspect contributing to the assessment is intense. Our operations are managed by an experienced staff that continues to search for improvement strategies. Phone etiquette is a basic function of Law Office Management. The overall schematics of a fully functioning Law Office cannot continue in a successful manner without the focus of each element in and of itself.