Southern California is a motorcycle riders heaven on earth – scenic coastal rides, flat roads, winding mountain passes, wide open highways and the weather to make the 2-wheeler passion a year round adventure. Unfortunately, with so many other vehicles on the road, Southern California is also an increasingly dangerous place for motorcycle riders.

— Just this past week, a Marine from the Twentynine Palms combat center died in an accident on his 2010 Yamaha R1 near Palm Springs.

— A few days ago, a motorcyclist was fatally injured when he struck a car making a turn.

— A man and a woman riding a motorcycle were forced off the road and while neither died, both sustained injuries.

Tragically, we hear stories like this every single day. Men and women who have taken all of the precautions, who wear all the safety gear, who are some of the safest, most conscientious riders on the road; yet still, they get in an accident, someone gets hurt, someone dies.

Across the country more than 3100 motorcyclists are killed each year. Even more than that are seriously injured resulting in life altering disabilities, lost wages and financial, emotional and psychological stress on their loved ones. As many motorcycle enthusiasts will attest, accidents are unfortunately a part of riding – which is why it’s important to know that motorcycle accident victims have rights. An under-reported area of motorcycle related accidents and fatalities is pedestrian-related events: when motorcycles strike pedestrians. It happens every single day across the country – a 2-wheeler pulls out of a parking spot and strikes someone in a parking lot; a motorcycle is “splitting lanes” and strikes someone; any number of ways.

Just like 2-wheelers themselves, not all motorcycle lawyers (or law firms, for that matter) are created equal. If you have been injured you’re going to want an attorney that understands what you’re going through, one that will spend the time to get to know what specific medical, financial and legal needs you require and the best plan of attack to ensure that your legal rights are best protected.

If you have suffered a personal injury from an motorcycle accident of any type and need help determining whether or not you have a case, seek the advice and counsel of an experienced motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible to determine what legal options you may have.