Rain is deadly when driving. Dallas, Texas, receives heavy downpour in the spring yet rains consistently all year. The constant rain increases the chances of getting into an accident. Dallas’ aggressive, crowded highways combined with pouring rain will certainly result in car accidents. According to the Texas Department of Insurance, around eighty-five percent of weather-related accidents are caused by rain.

When driving in the rain, the risk of getting into an accident increases to around ten to twenty percent when compared to driving in dry conditions. With heavy downpour, roads can become flooded, and road traction worsens. As the road quality deteriorates, driving becomes harder. Cars may hydroplane, which happens when there is a layer of water between the road and the tire. Hydroplaning causes cars to slide out as the driver loses control. The driver will not be able to stop nor maneuver away from causing an accident.

Low tread on the tire increases the risk of hydroplaning especially when driving faster. A car that has lost control at a high speed may cause fatal accidents. The rain increases the likeliness of getting into an accident while driving.

Rain can also block one’s vision while driving, causing the driver not to be able to see what is in front of them. A driver may have complete control of the car but having impaired vision can easily still cause an accident. Cars with poor windshield wipers or that are missing a headlight will have a tough time being able to see in wet conditions.

Driving on the highway is common in Dallas. However, the highway is a dangerous place to drive when it is raining. Cars drive much faster on the highway, which increases the possibility of hydroplaning. Hydroplaning on the highway will certainly cause an accident as other drivers have less time to avoid the uncontrolled car. Accidents on the highway are deadly as multiple cars may crash into each other.

Preventing accidents is simple. Drivers are advised to slow down, ensure their vehicle is in proper condition to drive, and avoid hard braking. Following these safety protocols can prevent an accident in the rain.

When driving in Dallas, it would be safer to avoid highways if possible. The drivers on the highway in Dallas are fast and reckless. The rain only worsens their driving ability, increasing the chances of getting into an accident. Driving on the streets is safer. There are fewer cars traveling at such high speeds. It is also much easier to pull over on the street if the car is having problems. Calling for emergency roadside assistance on the side of the street is much safer than on the highway.

Stopping on the highway is dangerous at all times. However, with rain, it becomes even more dangerous as other drivers may not be able to see the stopped car.

It is very risky to drive in the rain in Dallas. However, people have to continue living their lives. It is advised to slow down and try to avoid highways. Rain is distracting and deadly, but driving with caution in a suited vehicle can prevent problems.