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By August 12, 2010 January 14th, 2018 Auto Accident Lawyer

It is estimated that there are more than six million car accidents each year in the United States alone and that twenty-five percent (25%) of all drivers will be involved in an auto accident over a five-year period. If you just consider these statistics alone it’s quite possible at one time in your life you will need a car accident lawyer. If that time is now you need to consider of number factors when selecting the right car accident lawyer for your needs.

If you or someone you know has been injured in an auto accident, or worse if someone you know is a fatality victim due to an auto accident you want an experienced car accident lawyer. While there are many personal injury attorneys available it is important to select a lawyer who has a focus in this particular area of the law as the laws are constantly changing. By selecting a car accident lawyer you will have an attorney who is dedicated to this practice and has experience with a variety of traffic incidents including, but not limited to, unsafe driving conditions; cell phone and driver’s distraction, vehicle recall and defective product injuries; multiple vehicle crashes; singular vehicle crashes; accidents involving pedestrians; injured passengers; and driving while under the influence of alcohol and/or narcotics, just to name a few. It is essential to have a car accident lawyer who is familiar with the injuries and losses that are a direct result of auto accidents so that your rights are protected.

It is difficult for the average person to wade through the myriad of insurance laws and paperwork following an auto accident. Most insurance companies will encourage the driver(s) to make a statement as soon as possible following an accident. Whether or not you are at fault it is imperative that you consult a car accident lawyer prior to making any statements to your insurance company. Unfortunately in this litigious society that we live in statements can be misconstrued and hurt whatever claim the injured party may later make, so it is wise to be cautious and approach this matter with care. Additionally, insurance companies will often try to have cases settled quickly and as cheaply as possible, which may not be in your best interest. Some injuries sustained in auto accidents may not immediately appear, or worse you could later discover that your injuries have become a permanent condition that will require care for the rest of your lifetime. Your car accident lawyer needs to fully evaluate your injuries, preferably with a medical expert, to determine your full loss. To achieve a successful outcome to your case you need to have your car accident lawyer review all of your medical bills, lost wages (if any), pictures of the scene and of your injuries, auto repair estimates and speak to witnesses prior to discussing your case with the insurance company. Only after a full assessment of your situation can your car accident lawyer submit an accurate proposal to the insurance company to settle your claim. If the insurance company is unwilling to negotiate that claim then it will be up to your car accident lawyer to decide if proceeding to litigate the case is merited.

When you are injured in an accident you shouldn’t have to struggle with insurance companies, medical providers and various bills while you are trying to recover. There’s simply no need to put undue pressure on yourself when you can have a car accident lawyer assist you with these matters and alleviate some of the stress during this unfortunate time. Make the right choice and have trusted legal counsel navigate these matters for you.

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