How To Find A Motorcycle Accident Attorney When you Meet One

By March 29, 2010 January 25th, 2018 Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

You’ve had an accident with your motorcycle. The outcome was not as good as you would have hoped, in fact, you have multiple fractures all over your body and the doctors say you may not walk again without using canes. It’s time to call a motorcycle accident attorney.

Interestingly enough, many bikers figure they can handle any accident claims they have on their own, not realizing that in the process, they could be short-changing themselves out of settlement money. Only an experienced motorcycle accident attorney will be able to get the biker a fair and equitable settlement or jury verdict.

During the course of handling a motorcycle accident file there is usually a call or two from the insurance company making noises about an offer. While some of the insurance companies will try contacting the motorcycle accident attorney on file, others will call the plaintiff directly.

Insurance companies are famous for wanting to close their accident files fast, and if that means “cheaping” out a settlement that the plaintiff goes for, that good for them. However it’s not so good for the injured biker. This is a major reason why a motorcycle accident attorney needs to be involved in a case right from the beginning, and nip these lowball offers in the bud. These types of accidents are worth more and the insurance company knows that. It’s just that they don’t want “you” to know that.

How do you know if you have a good motorcycle accident attorney on your side? One who will aggressively fight for your rights? If you want to find out how good your potential motorcycle accident attorney is, ask this question: “What’s the first thing you will do for me?” If the answer is along the lines of making sure the insurance agent is very precise and careful about the bike’s damages, the presence of this motorcycle accident attorney will make sure that it does indeed happen.

If the motorcycle accident attorney files suit quickly, you will want this attorney in your corner fighting for you. The lawsuit pressures the insurance company to pay up, and, in some cases, it will also stop the other driver from heading to parts unknown.

Another way to tell if your legal representation is what you want it to be from a motorcycle accident attorney is when they just about immediately demand all your medical records. This means they know what they are doing, because the records tell the motorcycle accident attorney and the court, all about the fractured bones and what the recovery times may be.

While you may not know this, there are actually seven different categories of bone fractures. Getting your medical records and having those fractures categorized is central to the disposition of your claim and your motorcycle accident attorney knows this.

Don’t make the assumption that just because some of your other injuries don’t seem that bad to you that they aren’t. In any motorcycle accident claim hidden fractures and other internal injuries may cause other medical headaches later on. This is why your motorcycle accident attorney builds your case to maximize claim benefits.

While you many not think you need a motorcycle accident attorney, you do. This area of the law is far too complex to handle by yourself. A qualified motorcycle accident attorney will assess your case and be able to get you the judgment you deserve with a minimum of fuss.

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