History of the American Lawsuit

By April 28, 2011 January 9th, 2018 Attorney-Lawyer, General Legal Advice

The civil lawsuit is one of the most highly regarded American rights in existence today. If you are considering a personal injury lawsuit, you should know that the right to sue another to recover for your losses is not to be underestimated. Perhaps you are feeling skeptical or apprehensive about bringing a lawsuit against another person. You may feel like a lawsuit is not for you. It is actually the best way to resolve any grievances you have against another party, especially if that party has injured you. The history of the civil lawsuit and how it came to be is a fascinating one and a reminder to us all to exercise our American rights whenever we have the chance.

Many hundreds of years ago, citizens were frustrated at the fact that they did not have an opportunity to be heard on their claims of injustice. Citizens, just like yourself, were injured by other parties but had no legal recourse. The criminal justice system was alive and thriving, but the civil system was just getting started. The idea began with what was known as Chancery courts. Chancery judges would ride on horseback from town to town and hear citizens’ issues with one another and offer a judgment accordingly. This system worked for the time being, but it wasn’t enough.

While America was being settled, the founding fathers recognized the need for a thorough and succinct civil realm to the justice system and left it to the states to organize their court systems accordingly. States were then free to design their civil courts to meet the needs of the residents of the towns and cities as they sprang up. As America grew, so did the need for more civil courts. Today, the civil courts provide a remedy for nearly all grievances parties have with one another.

Personal injury is one of the largest and most litigated civil issues in courtrooms today. American citizens do not take personal injuries lying down and they recognize their rights to compensation for any injuries inflicted upon them through no fault of their own. You should exercise your rights to sue, as the tradition is long-standing and effective. There is no greater way to resolve an issue with another person than to retain a New York personal injury lawyer and settle the case or proceed to trial. You will not regret your decision to take legal action.

In summation, you should never feel guilty or skeptical about filing a civil lawsuit. The right to sue has been handed down to you after generations and it is a strong and important right to uphold. Personal injury lawyers are a special breed of attorney that are concerned 100% with your injury and how to compensate you for your harm. Contact one of our attorneys today so we can continue the tradition. You will not regret the decision to exercise your American rights and utilize the civil court system to resolve your case.