Helicopter Accidents

By April 6, 2012 January 3rd, 2018 Aviation Accident Injury Tips

Helicopters, like airplanes, must follow FAA regulations. If you or a loved one was involved in a helicopter accident, look for an aviation attorney who has handled helicopter cases. Because helicopters are not fixed wing vehicles (they are rotary wing vehicles), there are many unique factors to consider.

Because helicopters depend on the thickness of the air for lift, they cannot fly as high as an airplane. The air gets thinner the higher you go, making it difficult for the helicopter to fly and the pilot to control it. This sets the stage for potential negligence, should a careless pilot have caused the accident by venturing too high.

An aviation accident lawyer who understands how helicopters work can better represent you or your loved one in the event you were injured (or if the loved one died wrongfully), making sure you get the compensation you deserve.