Helicopter Accidents Lawyers

If you or someone you love suffered a serious or fatal injury after a helicopter crash, you deserve to know why and how it happened. If the cause of the accident can be traced back to negligence, you may have a personal injury claim. Whether the injury occurred during a recreational flight or while on the job, your family may be entitled to collect substantial money damages.

People who regularly use helicopters on the job face unusual risks. Because helicopters fly relatively low to the ground, they often face more danger than large, high-flying planes and jets. Because of their size and versatility, helicopters are often used in more dangerous situations. Whether a pilot error, mechanic error, or defective part caused the helicopter crash, if someone failed to follow protocol, fault can be established. The laws governing the operation of helicopter craft are strict and specific. When these laws are not followed, people can be killed or injured.

The personal injury attorneys at The Ledger Law Firm have dealt with unusual helicopter accident cases, and we are aware of the special circumstances surrounding these claims. Our investigators and experts will explore every avenue to provide your family with answers.