Gulf Oil Spills – A Proliferating Tragedy as Millions Suffer

By June 16, 2010 January 16th, 2018 BP Oil Spill

As the largest oil spill on record, the Gulf Oil Spill has created an environmental tragedy for millions of Americans over the past few months. Moreover, many citizens have been forced to relocate their residences seeing as how the toxicity of the smell of oil along with the millions of gallons has washed up along the Southern shores. By comparison, the Exxon Valdez spill in 1989 account for a total of 11 million gallons. The Gulf oil spill is being calculated to end up dumping the equivalent of 4 Exxon Valdez spills per week – a staggeringly large amount of oil penetrating our ocean and ecosystems constantly.

Many citizens in the region affected by the BP oil spill have suffered dramatic changes to their lives – some even forced to move out of their homes. More so, in the Gulf Coast area like Louisiana and Alabama, many people found a comfortable living with the environmental resources accessible to them through the ocean. However, with the oil spill, hundreds and thousands of jobs have been lost, livelihoods altered, and irreversible damage done to fishes, birds, oyster beds, and important facets of the Gulf Coast environment. Companies and individuals involved in the seafood industry, or commercial fishing and shrimping have greatly suffered as some have been forced to shut down all operations while workers are are left with no alternative source of income to support their livelihoods.

Even more so, workers who have been exposed to the oil spill, have reported symptoms of nausea and sickness as a result of direct contact from air toxins coming from the oil permeating the ocean water itself. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has stated that the toxins from the oil spill can be extremely aggravating and if exposed to for a prolonged period of time, can lead to more complicated health issues.

It has been reported that BP has agreed to a $20 billion victim fund, just issued in a press statement released today, June 16, 2010. This acknowledges the gravity of the circumstances surrounding the largest recorded oil spill in history. To date, thousands of people have been harmed, with eleven deaths stemming from the initial April 20, 2010 explosion that catalyzed the now on-going oil spill. With the help of an experienced personal injury law firm, you and your loved ones can receive proper monetary compensation for your suffering and losses. Moreover, with potential long-term medical conditions that may result from exposure to the oil spill, you deserve to have the best lawyer fighting for your settlement.

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