Finding the Right Lawyer for You After a Car or Automobile Accident

Car accidents are an extremely common occurrence. Each day, more than 3,200 people die in an automobile crash, totaling up to over 1 million deaths a year according to the Association for Safe International Road Travel or ASIRT. Even if needless deaths are avoided, ASIRT estimates that about 30 million people will suffer an injury during the course of any year from a car accident, with some of these people becoming permanently disabled.

If you or a loved one has recently been involved in a car crash where another driver was responsible, your first priority is getting well. After the shock and sadness of the tragedy fades though, you’re faced with hospital’s and doctor’s bills that can sometimes be astronomical. You may be entitled to compensation if you have the right lawyer working for you or your loved one’s needs. However, those in California may not be sure where to start to find a personal injury lawyer.

Begin by doing your research. If you’re recovering from an injury, then allow a trusted family member or a friend to do the legwork for you. Getting recommendations from someone who has worked with a personal injury lawyer before is also a good way to go. When researching, you want to look at the lawyer’s background, their credentials, their experience, their clients, and of course their cost.

Lawyers sometimes have multiple specialties. While this is suitable for some clients, if you want someone who focuses specifically on car and automobile accidents, it shouldn’t be hard to find a personal injury lawyer. This lawyer should have a biography on their firm’s website that reveals their years of experience, where they studied, and how long that they’ve practiced law. Review credentials carefully.

Some law firm websites have a section for client testimonials. If this is applicable, read through what past clients have said about this lawyer. You want someone compassionate who not only knows personal injury law inside and out but also cares about their clients and wants them to receive compensation. A lawyer that is passionate about personal injury cases will best fight for your rights in the courtroom. If you have a recommendation for a lawyer, other testimonials only helps you cement your decision.

Paying for a lawyer can be expensive, but a top rated accident attorney will often take your case on a contingency agreement. Contingency fee agreements are an arrangement where your lawyer takes the risk of loss in the case. If they don’t win there is no fee. Ask for a quote upfront, but be aware that the price could increase as the case progresses if matters needs to be tried before a jury. If you can, visit the law firm. A loved one can also do this for you. By taking a look at the office and maybe even meeting the lawyer in person, you can get a better feel for their practice.

Communication is crucial throughout the duration of your case. You may not have to testify in court, but if you don’t, that doesn’t mean that you should be left in the dark. Your lawyer should contact you as the case progresses and if anything changes along the way. If you reach out to them, you should be able to get a reply relatively quickly, at least in 24 hours. Lawyers are busy people, but you want someone to be on your side who cares. A lack of communication doesn’t foster the best lawyer-client relationship.