Fatal Accident Lawyers

By April 7, 2012 March 30th, 2018 Fatality Accidents Tips

In California, there were 4,236 accidents in 2006. Of those, 1,779 were people died in an accident that was alcohol related. By far, the highest number of accidents happened in Los Angeles.

A fatal accident lawyer is a personal injury lawyer who is experienced in handling vehicle accidents that result in fatalities. Fatal accident lawyers represent plaintiffs and defendants and have access to experts to help them review medical documents, the accident scene and the police reports.

Accident reports and accident scene pictures are an integral part of the discovery process. Pictures and a report can help a fatal accident lawyer determine how an accident happened and whether negligence was a cause.

Fatal accident lawyers are also experienced in working with many insurance companies. Often, there are at least two insurance companies involved—the insurance company for the plaintiff and the insurance company for the defendant. If other parties were involved in the accident (such as passengers in either vehicle), there may be additional insurance companies and attorneys involved in the lawsuit.