Q: Why do I need a personal injury lawyer?

A: When you are injured in an accident, it may have have been caused by the negligence or legal wrongdoing of a responsible party. This is true in car, motorcycle and truck accidents, as well as any other type of accident. Do not assume you have no legal claim without talking to a Ledger Law personal injury attorney first. At Ledger Law, we will let you know whether you are entitled to compensation that will help you and your loved ones heal and rebuild your life.

Q: The insurance company informed me an attorney is not necessary. Is that true?

A: It is essential to understand that an insurance company’s business model hinges on limiting the amount of money you can receive. While it is technically true that you can accept a settlement offer for your injuries without a lawyer, the amount you receive will almost certainly be far lower than what you could receive with the help of a Ledger Law personal injury attorney.

Always seek the advice of a lawyer to make sure you receive an unbiased assessment of your legal claim and your right to deserved and fair compensation.


Q: I am not sure my legal claim is worth enough. Is my accident too small for a personal injury lawyer?

A: At Ledger Law, no claim is too big or too small for our team to handle. We handle injury cases ranging from minor injuries to catastrophic injury and wrongful death claims. We review any case free of charge so you and your loved ones can receive the justice you deserve and compensation you need.

Q: How long do I have to discuss my case and file a lawsuit?

A: It is in your best interests to reach out to a personal injury lawyer with urgency after an injury. This is because there is a legal timeframe set in place that limits how long you have to file a lawsuit. This time limit is referred to as a “statute of limitations.”

In California, most personal injury claims must be filed within two years from the date of your injury. If a lawsuit is not filed in that time, you may waive your right to legal compensation.

Q: What Should I Know Prior to Meeting with a Ledger Law Attorney?

A: First, you should know that the information you discuss with a Ledger Law personal injury lawyer is protected by the doctrine of attorney-client privilege. This means what we discuss about your case will remain confidential, even if you do not choose to retain our legal services for your case. Since what we discuss will be kept private, it is imperative that you help us best represent you by fully disclosing all facts as you know them. That way, we can avoid any unforeseen surprises that may harm your claim or jeopardize your right to receive the compensation you need.

Further, bring all documents and evidence you have that relate to your accident and subsequent injuries. This can include accident photographs, witness information, police report copies and medical records that will help us build a stronger case.

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