Many people are aware of the financial and emotional strain that can often come with divorce, and such strain increases tenfold when the potential custody of one’s children is involved. Receiving 50/50 custody is possible for fathers, but most likely only if they are willing to fight for their relationship with their children. However, 29% of fathers see their children ranging from 1-4 times a month, while around 27% of fathers do not have any access to their children at all.

When looking at child custody statistics, many of them stem from relationships in which the parents are never married. However, in divorce cases, around 40% of mothers have full custody of their children. This results from the idea of staying with the mother are in the best interest of the child. Moreover, oftentimes, the mother is more tenacious and persistent when seeking custody of a child.

In California specifically, if a father receives custody, more often than not, their custodial time equates to approximately 120 days per year or 32% of the time. After a battle of custody, a little over half the time the father ends up agreeing that the mother should be the custodial parent or have the majority of custody rights. When fighting for custody during a divorce, decisions may either be reached by agreement of declaration of a judge. Either way, it is beneficial to have an experienced attorney on your side and fighting for your rights.

How Hiring an Experienced Custody Attorney Can Help You.

First and foremost, an expert divorce and custody attorney understands the custody laws, whether those are for or against your favor. A person who understands the game can help you better play to win, or at least reach a successful agreement for all parties involved. Both divorces and custody battles are very strategic and long fights, so it is best to have the best attorney possible to maintain the stamina you need to win your case. Much like a helping hand in a game of chess, an attorney can help you decided the best way to move forward and what moves and decisions your need to make In order to receive the most successful outcome possible for your case.

Like many cases, it is not impossible to fight, or even win, without a lawyer, however, it is exceedingly difficult, especially if your estranged spouse has good representation in court. It is in your best interest to seek help and representation of a professional divorce attorney if you desire significant visitation rights to your child. Moreover, a good lawyer may be able to ease your mind and stress levels during such a turbulent and straining time such as this one.

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