According to Nationwide, a leading insurance provider in the United States, more than three out of every 10 workers’ compensation claims for construction-related businesses are caused by falls. This assessment was made after Nationwide processed more than 10,000 claims for construction businesses.

This is just one industry where workplace injuries are common, but the fact remains that falls are a leading cause of fatal work-related injuries in the United States. In addition to being the leading cause of death in the construction industry, falls actually are the second leading cause of accidental injury deaths worldwide, with nearly 650,000 individuals passing away unexpectedly. Many of those deaths, tragically, occur in the workplace because of inadequate fall protection.

In fact, the United States’ Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) found that the most frequently violated OSHA safety standard in the 2017 fiscal year was fall protection, and OSHA also found that 38.7% of all construction deaths in CY 2016 were falls.

If you are a surviving loved one of a worker who passed away from a work-related fall, you are sadly not alone. However, the data above also demonstrates that a worker’s fatal fall can often be attributed to a violation of federal safety standards and/or inadequate protection for workers.

At The Ledger Law Firm, our fatal accident lawyers will provide you with caring, compassionate legal representation that is focused on your right to justice and compensation for the loss of a loved one. Our national law firm will put our resources to work for your case in order to help you obtain deserved financial relief. While there is no way to replace the tragic and unexpected loss of a family member, we are dedicated to helping your family recover in any way we can, which includes holding potentially negligent employers accountable.

How Ledger Law Helps Surviving Loved Ones of Fatal Workplace Accidents

First and foremost, our team will discuss your legal claim with you and begin a thorough, meticulous investigation of the accident that took your loved one. We will fight to get the truth about what led to your loved one’s passing, and we will also represent your interests if we believe that a responsible party’s legal negligence caused the workplace accident and death.

Second, we will also protect your rights to workers’ compensation death benefits, even and especially if the employer’s insurance carrier seeks to delay, deny or limit those rights in any unlawful way. Depending on the facts uncovered in our investigation, it may be necessary to protect your rights by filing a wrongful death lawsuit.

If such legal action is warranted, we will be with you each step of the way to bring a negligent and legally responsible third party to justice. Whatever the best legal choice may be, we want you to know that you will have caring legal counsel advising you every step of the way, pursuing additional compensation that is deserved in addition to workers’ compensation claim benefits.

Once you are ready to take legal action after a loved one’s work-related accident and death, a workers’ compensation and workplace accident lawyer at The Ledger Law Firm is ready to discuss your case.

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