Elder and Nursing Home Abuse

By May 18, 2010 January 19th, 2018 Nursing Home Abuse | Elder Abuse

Elder and nursing home abuse occurs all too often in nursing homes. Elderly people are some of society’s most vulnerable people. The elderly are perhaps at the point when they are the most vulnerable point when it is clear that they are in living situations where they can’t defend themselves easily.

Abuse in nursing homes takes on many forms, but it is all damaging one way or another, either financially, physically, or emotionally. With our society begin to favor nursing home care over in home care and the population of the elderly increasing; We must be ever increasingly vigilant in protecting our senior citizens from abuse. It is critical that we know and understand the signs of nursing home abuse.

Neglect is one of the most prevalent types of abuse in nursing homes that is evident today. Nursing home neglect is often overlooked the results are that there is a general health decline in elderly people which may result in their eventually death. The problem can occur in any nursing home and can take on numerous forms. The fact that nursing home abuse can be ignored or overlooked for so long makes it especially sinister. Even after repeated nursing home visits, the signs of neglect in nursing homes can often remain hidden.

here are numerous reasons why elderly nursing home residents suffer neglect and abuse. The workers in nursing homes are too often poorly trained, overworked, and low paid. There are times when a problem occurs involving a nursing home owner who tries to cut corners by reducing training or personnel. However, sometimes the worst cases of abuse and neglect occur in nursing homes that appear to be well run, professional, and clean. Management is frequently well aware that there is a problem of abuse or neglect.