Diving Safety is Important to Avoid Injury

In an unbelievable tragedy, a diver in Laguna Beach was found unconscious and wrapped in sea kelp after diving alone to spear fish Thursday evening. The diver was immediately transported to Mission Hospital where he was soon declared dead. Experienced divers have commented on the tragedy, citing that it is very difficult for any set of diving circumstances to result in the death of a diver through entanglement in this manner. This incident has sparked much talk over the importance of never diving alone and to always practice safe diving practices to avoid injury.

California is a hot spot for all water-based recreational activities. From boating to surfing to diving, people come from all around to experience the California coastline. Diving is especially popular in the Pacific Ocean. One of the cardinal rules of diving is to never go it alone. There is much risk involved in this type of recreational activity. Combining the deep sea with the various sea creatures, boats and potentially faulty equipment leaves divers very vulnerable to injury or death; which could be possibly avoided by diving in pairs or groups.

Divers in groups are always advised to assuming the competence of the least experienced diver. This means taking all weather and conditions into consideration before deciding to take the plunge. Divers should never set out to go on excursions in inclement weather or dangerous surf conditions. Remember, oceans are teeming with fish and wildlife species, not all of which are friendly to scuba-diving humans. Be sure to always dive in areas declared safe or not known to be infested with sharks or other fish of prey.

While not likely, it is always possible for scuba gear to fail during a dive. Scuba gear is comprised of intricate machinery that, if not properly maintained or defective, can fail during the dive. This is why divers are always advised to dive with at least one other person. If gear fails during a dive, your buddy can quickly link with you and effectuate a safe ascent to safety.

With the plethora of information today about diving safety, Californians should never have to experience tragedy and loss like the Laguna Beach diver recently caught in kelp. If you have recently been injured in a diving accident and feel your gear is to blame, do not hesitate to contact us at (800)-300-0001. We are experienced in helping injury victims recover against products manufacturers.

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