Dealing With Motorcycle Accidents

By April 7, 2012 January 3rd, 2018 Motorcycle Accident Injury Tips

If you were in an accident and the other person was on a motorcycle, you should contact a motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible. A motorcycle accident lawyer can properly represent you in your case, whether the accident was your fault or the motorcycle driver’s fault.

Because of the possibility of more extensive injuries the motorcycle driver may incur, you will need the best attorney to represent you. You may be responsible for medical bills and punitive damages, depending on who was at fault in the accident. Punitive damages may only be awarded if the defendant’s conduct was malicious or in reckless disregard to the plaintiff’s rights. You should immediately contact the police and your insurance company, and then contact a motorcycle accident lawyer. Ledger and Associates can represent you in your motorcycle accident case, no matter who was at fault.