Cyclist Killed in Hit-and-Run

Motorists must always remember to share the road and respectfully defer to cyclists and pedestrians navigating the roadways. Those on bicycles or on foot are not as protected from danger as those in cars and are particularly vulnerable to accidents, injuries and death. As we have reported in the past, a slight amount of due care and responsibility goes a long way in preventing heinous accidents and unnecessary roadway fatalities.

Another issue we report on frequently is the seemingly incessant occurrences of hits-and run. Drivers are not only evading their responsibilities to drive cautiously and within the limits of California’s driving laws, but they are now taking it upon themselves to elude police and avoid responsibility for their actions. Many times, roadway accidents are just that- accidents. Highway Patrol does not ticket or arrest every person involved in a collision and agreeing to cooperate with police after an accident is far more commendable than fleeing the scene. Officers are often lenient with complacent drivers who take the time to stick around and help police piece together the details of the scene. Assuming the driver is not impaired or otherwise in violation of the law, it completely possible that a hit-and-run accident that is truly an accident may not result in any criminal penalties at all.

Unfortunately, this lesson was lost on a driver who fatally struck a bicyclist near Redondo Beach Blvd. A 50-year old male was crossing the street around 9pm Tuesday evening when he was run down by a driver in a black BMW. The strong impact of the collision threw the cyclist off his bike and onto the hard pavement while the driver continued on his way. Witnesses contend the driver never even slowed down. The victim was pronounced dead on the scene and CHP has not released his identity as of yet.

Anyone with details about this horrific crime is urged to contact California Highway Patrol immediately.