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More than 100,000 injuries from construction accidents in the United States are recorded every year.

The injuries from construction accidents usually affect victims’ spines, backs, and trunks, which sometimes cause disability.

More than 1,000 workers die from construction accidents; thus made the said industry one of the most dangerous among others.

It was also reported that one in ten construction workers is injured each year.

The above-data simply implies that there is really no “joke” involves in the construction process for it requires extra senses to hide from the danger of injuries and death. Hence, being aware of the causes of the said accident is also necessary. As recorded, the common causes are (1) Falling debris, (2) Slip and Fall, (3) Error in stepladders, (4) Fault in the use of equipment, and (5) Physical Straining among workers.

Undoubtedly, prevention starts with sufficient knowledge or awareness about the causes of and safety measures to avoid construction site accidents.

On the legal side of the issue, if you were seriously injured or your relative died as a result of construction accident, awareness is not enough; you need a competent construction accident attorney to be compensated. Contact us! We can “construct” your “legal” safety.

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