Collisions with Destiny in your Auto

By December 14, 2015 December 26th, 2017 Attorney-Lawyer, Auto Accident Lawyer, legal

Most of us drive carefully.  

However, as they say, it’s often someone else bad choice that creates an auto accident.   From drunk drivers to people who think that they can answer just one more text on their phone to road rage to someone on a joy ride.   A moment of misjudgment on someone else part can cause a lifetime of trouble for you when you are in a serious auto accident.

Generally there are several types of auto accidents: 

  • Ahead on collision, these occur when there is a lane departure crash.    The drivers leave their lane, cross the meridian, and collide with another vehicle. Sometimes, they collide with a roadside object. These include head on collisions and run-off-road fender benders.
  • At cross roads and intersections, you are particularly vulnerable.   There are rear-ending collisions, which are most common.   As well as being t-boned in an angle or side impact.
  • There are accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists, who are often aware of their surroundings but often road conditions or being tired.   You come around a corner and there they are.
  • Skunks, cats, deer and other creatures that wander our roads without a clue, can also cause accidents.

So with all of those unfortunate possibilities, you suddenly find you’ve been in an auto accident.   You’ve been injured.  It’s not your fault.  Dealing with feeling awful, being upset and not knowing what to do next you don’t know where to turn for help, guidance and assurance.   Not only is there the depression and confusion that accompanies a life changing event like an auto accident, there is the lack of knowledge in the complex negotiations of what will happen next.

An auto accident attorney Los Angeles can guide you through the legal processes that can make the difference in your future on many levels.   They can make the difference positive.

After the initial shock, you’ll find that many questions run through your mind. How has my life been changed? Will I ever be able to resume a normal, active life or will I have to radically shift my lifestyle?   Will I ever be pain-free?   Who will pay my bills when I’m out of work? Who will pay for my mounting medical expenses?  What kind of retribution is I owed?  What medical care and life-style will be required in the future?  How do I deal with the complex and aggressive insurance companies? How do I make sure that the person who caused the accident accepts responsibility and pays fair compensation for all of my losses?  Who will pay so that I can live the best life possible?

                                                      Consider Los Angeles auto accident attorneys, who can make a difference.