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auto accident
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March 1, 2024

The Power of Mindfulness: Coping Strategies for Auto Accident Stress

The aftermath of an auto accident can be a tumultuous period filled with confusion, stress, and sometimes, trauma. It's during these challenging times that mindfulness and stress management techniques become invaluable tools for navigating the emotional landscape that follows. While these strategies offer support, it's crucial to remember they are not substitutes for professional medical advice. If you're experiencing severe…
airplane injury lawyer
Aviation Accident Injury Tips
January 23, 2024

Should I Hire A Lawyer After An Airplane Injury? The Importance Of An Airplane Injury Lawyer

Experiencing an injury during an airplane flight can be not only traumatic but also legally complex. At RESQ, our experienced airplane injury lawyers are here to guide you through the process of understanding and asserting your rights. Our team specializes in aviation-related incidents, ensuring that your case is handled with the expertise it demands. Understanding Your Rights as an Air…
Motorcycle AccidentTips & Advice
October 12, 2020

Seeking Justice After a Motorcycle Accident: Your Road to Recovery

Motorcycle accidents can be devastating. The freedom of the open road comes with a unique set of risks, and when accidents happen, the consequences can be severe. If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident, you are likely dealing with physical injuries, emotional trauma, and mounting medical bills. During this challenging time, it's crucial to…
Free legal consultation
Tips & Advice
May 22, 2020

Free Consultation

Benefits of a Free Consultation: When seeking representation of an attorney, one of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself and your case is to receive a free consultation before making any decisions on who you want to represent your case. Fortunately, the Ledger Law Firm provides free consultations for all potential cases. A free consultation allows you…
Opioid Litigation
Tips & Advice
May 16, 2020

Auto Duty of Care

Driving is such a common experience in America that many people often don’t stop to consider what is required of them as drivers. Sure, we took driver’s ed., but for most people that was years, even decades, ago in high school. The reality of human psychology is that the more we become familiar with something, the less attention we will…
Trucking Accident LawyerTruck Accident Injury Tips
February 14, 2018

California Trucking Accidents FAQ

Few accidents are quite as awful for victims as trucking accidents, and these horrifying, often deadly accidents leave California accident victims with pressing questions. Here are common questions and answers to frequently asked questions about trucking accidents. If you have any other questions about your accident, talk to a trucking accident lawyer at The Ledger Law Firm to discuss your…
Ledgerlaw California car crashes
Car AccidentAuto Accident LawyerCar Accident Injury Tips
January 15, 2018

What Are the Leading Causes of California Car Accidents?

If you or a loved one has been injured in a California car accident, odds are extremely likely that another party's legal wrongdoing contributed to the accident. Indeed, Stanford Law School's Center for Internet and Society has found that it is reasonable to conclude around 90 percent of motor vehicle crashes are at least partially caused by human driving errors.…
LedgerLaw Seattle Driving
Car AccidentAuto Accident LawyerCar Accident Injury Tipscar accident lawyer
January 8, 2018

Seattle Drivers Now Required to Put Down Their Phone While Driving

According to recent years of data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, it is clear that distracted driving is responsible for thousands of deaths across the country every year. Seattle, too, has not been immune from the dangers of distracted driving. According to Washington state's "collision clock" in the Department of Transportation's Annual Crash Collision Summary, it was revealed that…

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