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August 1, 2011

Tragedy Begets Tragedy as Driver Dies After Suffering Medical Episode

In some situations, no level of due care or concern for others can prevent injury or tragedy. All too often, drivers suffer from an inexplicable and sudden medical event that causes them to lose control of their vehicles and crash. Sometimes, a single-vehicle crash ensues while other other times the unconscious driver inadvertently swerves into other motorists, homes or businesses.…
Trucking Accident Lawyer
June 28, 2011

Trial Begins in Tragic Truck Crash Murder Case

In 2009, a tragic big rig crash left one child and her father dead, others seriously injured and a bookstore completely demolished when the trailer lost its brake power and careened into the store front. The crash took hundreds of man hours to reconstruct and investigate and concluded with murder charges against the Brazilian-born driver who came to this country…
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April 11, 2011

Our Lawyers See Trucking Accidents In Court And On The Road.

When any one of our personal injury attorneys are not working or in the office or in court they are on the road visiting clients or investigating cases. With that much time on the road, all of us here at Ledger & Associates see our share of catastrophic trucking accidents. Not too long ago one of our attorneys saw a…
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April 4, 2011

Angry, Confused, Bitter About Being Injured? You Have Every Right To Be.

Here at Ledger & Associates, we see the gamut of cases and meet all kinds of people who have in one way or another been wronged. Clients arrive with stories about tragic accidents and very quickly, our attorneys respond to their every need. We’ve laughed and cried with clients. We’ve attended their weddings, ball games and some of our personal…
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February 22, 2010

Car Crash Lawyer says, U.S. Bans Texting by Truck and Bus Drivers

The United States government has now chimed in on the texting while driving issue by banning all truck drivers and bus drivers from texting while driving. This ban follows some fairly high profile transportation accidents over the last year. Last April, the driver of an eighteen wheeler slammed into a school bus, killing a student. The driver admitted that he…