Traumatic Brain Injury

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August 31, 2012


It's a simple, straight forward question: what would you do if you were injured while being a passenger on a friends motorcycle? No one sets out one day to file a lawsuit against a friend or relative. It's just not something most people aspire to do. However, if you have been injured when you were a passenger on a motorcycle,…
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July 2, 2011

$2.5 Million Verdict Awarded Against Anesthesiologist

Medical malpractice suits are a very common type of personal injury lawsuits that involve injured medical patients seeking restitution and damages from their caregivers. The plaintiff must prove that the doctor or caregiver owed a duty to the patient to protect him or her from the inherent dangers of surgery or medical procedures. The patient must have received full informed…
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April 11, 2011

Motorcycles Are Everywhere On California’s Open Roads.

Especially here in sunny Southern California, motorcycle riding can be an adventurous and exciting hobby. But, like all other areas of the country, our roads are chock full of speeding, distracted, intoxicated and irresponsible drivers. As a motorcycle rider there is a greater onus on you to be cautious and constantly alert while riding. As many motorcycle enthusiasts will attest,…
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April 7, 2011

We Pride Ourselves On Partnering With Each And Every Client.

At Ledger & Associates, we like to think of our relationship with each and every client as a partnership. Whether it is a negligent auto accident lawsuit, a complicated traumatic brain injury claim or a multi-party wrongful death legal proceeding our lawyers and our clients all want the same thing: legal and financial justice! Over the years we have found…
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April 6, 2011

Curious About Your Case? Take A Minute And Talk To Us.

At Ledger & Associates we are incredibly proud of our track record dealing with all aspects of personal injury lawsuits, ranging from negligent auto accidents, traumatic brain injuries, motorcycle accidents, slip and fall claims burn injuries—most all forms of personal injuries where another person, party or corporate entity is at fault. What happens if you think you have a personal…
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April 4, 2011

Springtime in Southern California Means More Bikes Hit The Roads.

There isn’t anything better than springtime in Southern California. Baseball. Kids playing in the parks. Convertible tops come down. Beaches start to pick up. And… hundreds of thousands of motorcyclists take to the roads. Living in SoCal really is the good life. Unfortunately, this time of the year also means violent and tragic spikes in motorcycle accidents. Every single day…
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January 27, 2010

Personal Injury Lawsuits | Do I Have A Case?

In the multifarious age of technology, discovery and science that we live in, one would expect that there would be a veritable plethora of ways and means to recover from having suffered a wrong at the hands of another. You might be surprised to learn that, at least in the area of personal injury lawsuits, the same tried and tested…
Traumatic Brain Injury
January 9, 2010

Could I have a Traumatic Brain Injury?

Every evening on the news we are informed about the traumatic brain injuries our service members are exposed to each day in Iraq and Afghanistan. But did you know that over 1.4 million Americans suffer traumatic brain injuries right here at home each year. The top causes of these injuries include: falls, automobile accidents, being struck by or against something,…

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