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Personal Injury

Personal Injury
September 30, 2018

One Year After the Las Vegas Shooting, MGM Is in an Ongoing Legal Dispute With Shooting Victims

In just a few horrific minutes on October 1, 2017, hundreds of victims were injured and 58 were killed in the deadliest mass shooting committed by an individual in the history of the United States. Sadly, many questions remain regarding the motives of the shooter and even the legal rights of victims as MGM has sued the victims of the…
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September 29, 2018

The Ledger Law Firm Holds Tribute Gathering & Silent Auction for Las Vegas Mass Shooting Victims

On the night of October 1, 2017, the deadliest mass shooting committed by an individual in the U.S. occurred in Las Vegas. One year later, The Ledger Law Firm pays tribute to those brave victims by holding a Tribute Gathering & Silent Auction on October 1, 2018 at Rockwell's Bakery in Orange, California. October 1, 2018 marks one long year…
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February 14, 2018

FAQ About Personal Injury Lawsuits

Q: Why do I need a personal injury lawyer? A: When you are injured in an accident, it may have have been caused by the negligence or legal wrongdoing of a responsible party. This is true in car, motorcycle and truck accidents, as well as any other type of accident. Do not assume you have no legal claim without talking…
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December 7, 2015

Life Twists When Least Expected

The number one reason why a person should have a personal injury attorney's contact is because life doesn't stay the same. We try to organize it, schedule, plan it and expect it, but life has a predictable habit of being unpredictable when least expected. We wake up, get ready for the world, go to work, spend our daytimes earning a…
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Personal Injury
June 8, 2015

Dog Bite Victim Awarded Millions Of Dollars For Injuries

Can you imagine living somewhere in the suburbs or a major city when out of nowhere a dangerous loose animal such as a dog comes charging up to you or your child biting you severely enough to cause serious damage? It’s a pretty scary thought to think that “man’s best friend” can intensely injure or cause permanent, even sometimes fatal…
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Personal Injury
April 22, 2014

Personal Injury Cases; File in a Timely Manner or Lose Your Rights

The law provides remedies for those who have been harmed by the actions of another; justice demands nothing less.  Yet the procedural nature of the law requires any claim to be filed in an appropriate manner as established by statute.  Statutes of limitations define the time period in which an individual can file a law suit and differ based upon…
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March 7, 2013


Riding a motorcycle here in Southern California can be on of the all-time coolest and funnest things to do – rising along the beach on a sunny saturday after noon, sprinting into the mountains or just cruising along the wide open highways. The freedom, the power, the sunshine, the year-round opportunity we enjoy here in SoCal to two-wheel to out…
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February 19, 2013

Assault Victims Injuries & Legal Rights

There seems to be more and more instances of physical assaults, injuries, shootings and even deaths in the news these days. A lot of what happens winds up being talked about around the dinner table at home, or around the water cooler at work. In our law offices, we tend to have more and more conversations with clients about physical…
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February 17, 2013


There are two people that negligent injury victims see, that they never thought they would see when they woke up that day. One is a medical doctor of some sort, who will deal with the physical affects of the accident. The other is a lawyer, who will attend to the legal rights and financial rights that may have stemmed out…
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Auto Accident LawyerBlog | Wrongful Death LawyerMotorcycle Accident LawyerPersonal Injury
January 29, 2013


The typical passenger vehicle weighs about 3,000 pounds. Heavy, by any standards. And, when traveling at unsafe speeds or driven by a dangerous driver can and does inflict serious property and physical damage. Now, multiple that by 30. The average weight of a fully loaded 18-wheeler can weigh over 90,000 pounds. 18-wheelers, big rigs, semis, trucks, are everywhere on our…
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