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Law Firm Technology
May 6, 2011

Latest in Legal Technology

The legal profession is widely noted as being one of traditional decorum, stoic judges in cold courtrooms and complete with technology bordering on basic-slide Power Point. However, many advancements have been made in law firm and courtroom technology. Gadgets that will help litigants display evidence easier and software that assists large firms in payroll and billing with ease and accuracy.…
Law Firm Technology
April 22, 2010

Ledger & Associates Considers Lawsuit Against has be collecting money from consumers, but have they been delivering what they promised? Have you been injured by's actions? Did you pay the company based on a representation they made but did not deliver? We want to know how many consumers have made requests for refunds but have been denied based on the "corporate policy". The…
Law Firm Technology
April 21, 2010, By Far, The Worst Web Analytics Software I Have Purchased

Our firm spends a tremendous amount of time engaging online with prospective clients. As one of the leading legal websites related to consumer protection we have an obligation to constantly keep our ear to the ground with respect to changing technologies and client demands. In pursuit of quality analytics we opted to open an account Almost immediately we found…
Law Firm Technology
April 1, 2010

Google Rewards The Law Office Of Ledger & Associates

The Law Office of Ledger & Associates, a California based Personal Injury & Wrongful Death Law Firm has been placed by Google on it first page of organic results for top search terms such as, "Personal Injury Lawyer". Ledger & Associates beats out over 15 million other possible results and is a true testament to the firm's ability to serve…
Law Firm Technology
January 29, 2010

Contemporary Law Firm Technology

Justice moves slowly--this is the thesis of the American legal system. Cases wind a long, slow trail up from court to court and circuit to circuit; they are settled, appealed, thrown out, and most of the ends of any individual court session will prolong a case, rather than end it. Further, the laws themselves remain largely the same over time.…
Law Firm Technology
November 20, 2009

Welcome To Our "New" Law Firm Blog!

Hello Ladies and Gents, I am very excited to be placing the first post in our Law Firm's new Blog. The Law Offices of Ledger & Associates was founded twelve years ago with the idea that we would be dedicated to stellar client service. The stories about Attorneys who don't return phone calls never set well with me. How arrogant…