Ethical Attorney Marketing

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Ethical Attorney Marketing
February 15, 2010

Twitter Updates for 2010-02-15 # Just posted this service on tweetmart: California's Leading Personal Injury ... #services # Riverside Car Crash - Drag Racing May Be To Blame says Riverside Accident Attorney # Auto Accidents Cause Catastrophic Injuries #
Ethical Attorney Marketing
January 18, 2010

Super Dad + Super Lawyer = HERO

I guess it is every man's goal to be admired by his family. My lifelong goal is more well defined, I want to be a HERO to my children. Growing up there was always something about Superman that seemed to standout from all the other action figures. New action figure role model fads came and went amongst us children, but…
Ethical Attorney Marketing
December 8, 2009

Ambulance Chasers Give Real Lawyers A Bad Name

I read a post on another personal injury lawyer's blog tonight suggesting to his clients and his future potential clients, as the blog appears to be a marketing tool, that they close-down their Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts until their case concludes out of fear of Insurance adjusters using the information against them. I disagree. People who are…