Working at The Ledger Law Firm

The hard-working men and women at The Ledger Law Firm are committed to helping people who have suffered a loss due to someone else’s negligence. We provide dedicated, personalized legal representation for clients who have often been put in difficult economic circumstances as a result of their injuries. The importance of swift, thorough representation cannot be understated in their time of crisis. Our legal team fights to protect the rights of our clients and get them fair compensation. Located in Newport Beach, The Ledger Law Firm concentrates on cases involving car accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, mass torts, wrongful death and other types of personal injury.

Setting Ourselves Apart

The Ledger Law Firm sets the bar high and takes pride in being candid, transparent, available and effective. We offer injured parties a free consultation and are up front about whether they have a viable case or require the services of an experienced attorney. If their case merits hiring an attorney, we are clear about the cost of legal fees and how the client-attorney relationship works going forward.

It’s important to keep in mind that many clients find themselves at a critically stressful point. Rather than have them endure layers of office bureaucracy, we make ourselves personally available. Returning calls and answering questions promptly makes the firm efficient and helps to build client confidence. Clients that are dealing with personal injuries often face mounting medical bills, loss of wages and an uncertain future. It’s imperative that we help alleviate their concerns by keeping them informed.

At the end of the day, our legal team gets the job done. We provide forceful representation for injured Californians.

Why Clients Choose Us

When people sustain a personal injury, the importance of individualized attention cannot be understated. They are often in discomfort and fearful about the financial future. Many have never had to deal with the legal process before and it creates an added layer of stress. Insurance claims, adjusters, civil lawsuits and court proceeding can be overwhelming. By walking our clients through the process from start to finish, they feel fully informed and confident their interested are being protected.

We also understand that not every case is a good fit for our firm. If we cannot devote the necessary time and resources to a client, our attorneys will provide a professional referral. Individualized attention to each case and client has helped The Ledger Law Firm to enjoy excellent growth. As a diligent and experienced legal team, we remain fully invested to every case and client.

Join Us

If you are interested in a challenging legal career that puts you on the front lines of personal injury litigation, joining The Ledger Law Firm may be the right opportunity. To learn more, email us at help at