California Wrongful Death Attorney Says Nothing Replaces The Loss of a Child

By May 17, 2010 January 19th, 2018 Blog | Wrongful Death Lawyer

The birth of a child is one of the most amazing and exciting moments of a parent’s life. After months, or years, of preparation and anticipation you are finally a parent. Every parent’s imagines the future that they will share with their child. No parent imagines that they will outlive their child – much less that their child will be taken from them before they reach adulthood. Losing a child is like having your life taken from you. If you have experienced this profound loss, and you feel that someone was responsible for the loss, then you may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

Not surprisingly, accidents are the number one cause of death for children under the age of 18 years old. Clearly, accidents do happen where no one is to blame – where they simply could not have been prevented. Unfortunately though, many times the accident was actually the result of someone’s negligence. Deaths that are the result of car or aviation accidents are frequently the result of negligence. Other common examples are swimming pool accidents, failure to supervise accidents or product liability deaths. Anytime that a person, or company did not use the care that the law requires to protect your child from harm, they are potentially responsible under the theory of negligence and therefore may be sued under a wrongful death lawsuit in the State of California, says California wrongful death attorney Emery Ledger & Ledger & Associates.

No one is implying that it is possible to put a monetary value on the life of a child from a parent’s perspective. Most parents would tell you that their child is priceless. While the result of a wrongful death lawsuit is monetary compensation, it also accomplishes something else – it makes the person, or entity, that was to blame for your child’s accident face up to the responsibility. A wrongful death lawsuit cannot turn back the clock and bring your child back, but it may make a difference for other children in the future. It may force someone to be more careful in the future or force a company to change unsafe practices. Sadly, sometimes it takes a lawsuit for a company to recognize that it is putting people – especially children – in harms way.

If you have suffered the loss of a child, nothing can take away the pain you are going through, but if someone else was responsible for the accident that took the life of your child you may want to consider filing a wrongful death lawsuit. Contact an experienced California wrongful death attorney to find out more about filing as a claimant in a wrongful death lawsuit and holding the person or persons responsible for the death of your child accountable for their negligence. The team at Ledger & Associates have been handling wrongful death lawsuits in the State of California for more than a decade and will treat you will compassion and understanding during this difficult time.