Staying informed about the latest traffic laws is crucial for all Californians. These new regulations, effective from 2024, are designed to enhance road safety and promote responsible driving behaviors. Understanding these laws is important for avoiding legal issues and ensuring personal and public safety on the roads. 

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Traffic Stops – AB 2773

AB 2773 introduces significant changes to police procedures during traffic and pedestrian stops in California. Starting January 1, 2024, officers are required to state the reason for a stop before proceeding with questioning related to a traffic violation or criminal investigation. 

This measure aims to enhance transparency and accountability in law enforcement interactions. It’s important for drivers to be aware of this change, as it affects the dynamics of traffic stops and their rights during such encounters.

The law also mandates that the reason for the stop be documented in any resulting citation or police report. In addition, law enforcement agencies are required to report these reasons annually to the Attorney General, promoting greater oversight. 

This means a layer of protection and clarity for drivers during traffic stops. The Ledger Law Firm advises drivers to be aware of these changes and to understand their rights during traffic stops.

Omnibike Bill – AB 1909

The Omnibike Bill, AB 1909, marks a significant step forward in cyclist safety in California. This comprehensive legislation requires drivers to change lanes when safely passing a bicyclist, mirroring the rules for overtaking other vehicles. 

It also prohibits enforcement of bicycle licensing laws statewide, reducing potential harassment of cyclists. For drivers, this means adjusting their driving habits to accommodate these new rules and ensure the safety of cyclists.

Furthermore, AB 1909 expands access for e-bikes on bikeways, while still allowing certain trails to prohibit them. This law reflects California’s commitment to promoting cycling as a sustainable and safe mode of transportation. 

As drivers, it’s crucial to be cognizant of the increased presence of e-bikes and adapt driving practices accordingly. The Ledger Law Firm encourages drivers to familiarize themselves with these new rules to avoid accidents and legal issues.

Speed Cameras – AB 645

AB 645 introduces a pilot program for speed safety cameras in six major California cities. This law aims to address the problem of speed-related crashes by deploying automated cameras in strategic locations such as school zones and high-injury corridors. 

For drivers, this means an increased likelihood of being monitored and fined for speeding, especially in these critical areas. Understanding where these cameras are and adhering to speed limits is more important than ever.

These cameras are expected to significantly reduce traffic incidents, based on evidence from other cities where similar measures have been implemented. Drivers should be aware of the fines associated with speeding violations captured by these cameras. 

The Ledger Law Firm reminds drivers that while these violations are civil and not criminal, they still carry financial penalties and contribute to a driver’s record. Staying within speed limits is not only a matter of law but also of safety.

Stopping Near Crosswalks – AB 413

AB 413, also known as the “Daylighting” law, is a crucial development in pedestrian safety. This law prohibits parking or stopping vehicles within twenty feet of crosswalks and intersections. The goal is to improve visibility at intersections, reducing the risk of accidents involving pedestrians. For drivers, this means being more mindful of where they park and stop, especially near crosswalks and intersections. The law addresses the growing concern over pedestrian safety, especially in urban areas with high foot traffic. Drivers need to be aware of the increased enforcement of parking regulations around crosswalks to avoid penalties.

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