California Personal Injury Attorney: Settlements and Litigation

By April 8, 2012 January 1st, 2018 Personal Injury Settlements Tips

From the time you retain a Ledger Law California personal injury attorney, the attorney works on your case, making sure you get the best outcome possible in a personal injury settlement. Many personal injury cases do settle, but in the event that a case does not settle, be comfortable knowing that Ledger Law attorneys have many years of experience as litigators.

A California personal injury attorney uses medical experts and accident scene recreation experts to ensure a case is succinctly made. During settlement negotiations, if the defendant does not come to the table with a fair offer, the California personal injury attorney will stop negotiations and bring the case to litigation.

Expert witnesses (medical experts and accident scene recreation experts) are retained to testify at the trial. A settlement is typically preferable over a trial simply because a quick settlement keeps legal fees low. Litigation is very expensive because of the time the attorney must take to prepare the case and the expert witnesses for trial.