California Car Crashes Into a 2nd Floor Dental Practice, Highlights the Danger of Speeding

By January 19, 2018 March 27th, 2018 Car Accident, Auto Accident Lawyer

A bizarre accident occurred in January of 2018 that is already sure to become one of the most-watched viral videos of 2018. As numerous news outlets reported, the accident occurred when a speeding car hit a center divider, effectively launching the vehicle into the air.

The vehicle, once airborne, then proceeded to crash into the second floor of a California office building, which just so happened to house an Orange County dental practice.

Surreal though the scene most certainly was, it also is a helpful reminder that tens of thousands of California accidents are caused by speeding-related behavior each year.

Speeding Is Arguably a Far Greater Threat to Safety Than the General Public Even Knows

In the public discourse, drunk driving receives outsized attention for natural reasons. After all, many findings show that roughly a third of the nation’s accident deaths are caused by drunk driving. This fact notwithstanding, speeding is not far behind as a cause in tens of thousands of accident deaths nationwide.

A recent National Transportation Safety Board study found that speeding was linked to 112,580 passenger vehicle highway crash fatalities from 2005 to 2014. By contrast, 112,948 individuals passed away in alcohol-involved crashes over the same period, a difference of less than 400 deaths.

And yet, speeding does not receive the same attention in popular discourse, nor are speeding drivers treated with the same legal consequences or social consequences as a result of driving with excessive speed. This does not change the fact, however, that excessive speeding can be construed as negligence that entitles accident victims to legal compensation for injuries suffered when the accident is caused by a speeding party.

The Ledger Law Firm Helps Victims of Speeding Pursue Legal Compensation

Drivers on California roads are owed a basic duty of care, and that duty is violated when a driver speeds excessively or operates a vehicle under the influence of drugs (like the driver in the shocking dental practice accident).

If your injuries have been caused by a negligent party, The Ledger Law Firm will pursue your right to legal compensation with compassionate and committed legal counsel. We are a nationally known firm with a reputation for helping deserving clients receive millions in compensation that is rightfully theirs to receive.

Led by acclaimed injury lawyer Emery Ledger, we make sure you receive maximum compensation in the state of California, which does not set a cap on damages victims can receive for injuries. Do not settle for a low offer from an insurance company who is only protecting their own interests. You deserve better, as you will need the compensation you truly deserve for medical costs, lost wages and similar harms after a California car accident.

Contact us online today to speak with a Ledger Law attorney and pursue the compensation that is rightfully yours after a serious and speeding-related accident.

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