Every once in a while we like to give you updates on some of the many accidents that have occurred around California. All involve potential mechanical, product, human error or negligence. All could have potentially been avoided. Some have happy endings. Others, unfortunately, do not.

We hope this update serves as a reminder to all that safety should always be the number one priority. Also, we want to make sure everyone knows that they do have legal rights when accidents do occur.


A few days ago the California Highway Patrol (CHP) started to investigate the death of a 25-year-old woman who tragically died after she and another woman were ejected from a party bus returning from a concert at the Shoreline Amphitheater. The two women allegedly got into a physical altercation in the back of the party bus. As they tussled, a door in the back of the bus opened and both women were ejected onto Highway 17. One woman was run over by the bus and later pronounced dead at the scene. The other woman was not seriously hurt. The CHP continues to investigate.


This past weekend a thief stole a pickup truck in Rancho Cucamonga and soon after, an alert Claremont police officer identified the vehicle. The thief refused to pull over and a police chase quickly ensued. A short time later the thief drove into an intersection and slammed into a car, tragically killing the 54-year old driver. The out-of-control pickup then struck a tree and the suspect tried to run away. CHP and local police continue to investigate.


Earlier this week a male cyclist in his 60s lost his life after he collided with a dump truck. Responding officers found the cyclist lying in the roadway after the collision. The dump truck driver did not realize his vehicle had hit the bicyclist until another citizen informed him of the accident. Fire Department first responders attended to the injured bicyclist and moved him to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead by medical staff. The dump truck driver has cooperated with law enforcement officials and is not, at this time, under arrest. Investigations are still under way.


Last weekend a dozen riders were stranded when a roller coaster stalled 150 feet above ground at the Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. The apparent roller coaster malfunction left the riders suspended for nearly two hours, until a park mechanic restarted the ride and lowered the riders safely to the ground. Firefighters responded almost immediately and even gave water bottles to the stranded riders. No injuries have been reported. Investigations into the malfunction continue.

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