Have you ever entered a rideshare vehicle and simply assumed the ride would be a safe one? Or, perhaps you recognize there is always an inherent risk on the road, but at the very least you assumed the vehicle itself was safe and in proper working order. It seems that even this lesser assumption would still prove inaccurate, according to investigative work performed by the NBC4 I-Team in Los Angeles.

I-Team Finds Open Safety Recalls on Ride Share Service Providers

In addition to finding extensive safety issues regarding city taxis in Los Angeles, the NBC4 team also discovered open safety recalls for leading rideshare vehicles as well. Since rideshare vehicles are not regulated by the city of Los Angeles, no inspection is required.

Open recall vehicles, for reference, occur when either a car manufacturer or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) determines that a vehicle or car model violates federal safety standards or has a safety defect.

For its part, Uber responded to the team’s inquiry regarding safety recalls and responded by asserting that drivers are reminded to check for safety recalls each month.

Open Recalls Are a Particularly Problematic Safety Issue for California 

Based on findings from Carfax — a leading service for vehicle reporting — California has more open recall vehicles on the road than any other state. Carfax estimates that more than seven million open recall vehicles are in operation on California roads.

Auto manufacturers have a legal obligation to provide drivers with notice of open recall vehicles, but sometimes these notices are missed by drivers. In any case, these troubling findings should serve as a reminder that driving on California roads is dangerous, and sometimes those dangers are caused by unsafe vehicles.

According to NHTSA data from 2015, 44,000 crashes were critically caused by vehicle-related issues, which include:

  • Tires and wheels
  • Brakes
  • Steering, suspension and transmission problems
  • Engine issues
  • Additional or unknown vehicle-related problems

In sum, vehicle-related problems account for 2% of crashes based on NHTSA findings, showing that unsafe vehicles are a far from trivial percentage of accidents nationwide.

Pursuing Legal Compensation After a Vehicle-Related Rideshare Accident

Issues like these serve as a reminder why it is helpful to speak with a rideshare accident lawyer after you have been injured in a rideshare accident. A proper accident investigation can quickly increase in complexity when determining who is liable for your injuries and legal compensation.

For example, suppose that your rideshare driver was excessively speeding when the driver distractedly looked down at their phone. Then, suppose a vehicle ran a red light and your speeding driver slammed the brakes, only to find out the brakes were defective. Who is liable, and to what degree, in a complicated fact pattern like this one? Some accidents present facts that are even more complex.

Additionally, rideshare company liability policies raise their own set of questions when accident victims need to pursue compensation. If you have been injured in a complex rideshare accident and are unsure where to turn for help, know that The Ledger Law Firm has earned a national reputation for helping deserving accident victims obtain the financial relief and justice that is needed and deserved after a car accident.

For more information about rideshare accident law or to discuss the facts of your legal claim, contact us online for a free case evaluation today.

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