Body Found on 57 Freeway Wednesday Night

By May 21, 2011 January 9th, 2018 Attorney-Lawyer, car accident lawyer

In an unspeakable tragedy, a 23-year old woman walked in front of a 2007 Ford in the number 4 lane of southbound I-57. The woman, from San Dimas, was pronounced dead on the scene while California Highway Patrol sought to reconstruct the scene. The tragic accident took place around 8:30pm on Thursday evening.

The Highway Patrol is currently investigating the incident as a traffic collision. No word has been released yet as to whether the driver stopped to help or if this was another hit-and-run incident. If the driver was injured, his current status is also unknown. Due to the highly sensitive nature of this type of accident, specific details are being kept very private.

Friday’s traffic reports were none the cheerier as a rear-end collision involving a DUI resulting in the loss of a life. A woman was operating her vehicle under the influence and slammed into the back of a disabled vehicle, killing the driver inside. The accident, which took place on I-91 West on Friday morning around 1:00am, involved a 2000 Jetta and a stalled Toyota Corolla, which was stuck in a moving traffic lane unable to get to the shoulder. The Jetta was operating at a high rate of speed in the wee hours of the morning and collided with the vehicle. California Highway Patrol is currently investigating the incident. It urges any witnesses to this event to contact CHP immediately.

Our hearts go out to the victims of these tragedies. While roadway collisions and accidents are certainly part of life, the method with which these two lives were lost is certainly unimaginable. Thoughts go out to the victims of these two roadway incidents. Hopefully, these stories will serve as inspirations to all those on California’s roadways to stay safe and sober while out and about.

Car accidents are constant reminders of just how quickly one’s life can change forever. Whether a motorist is involved in a simple fender bender or a catastrophic collision, one is never quite the same after experiencing an accident. The event sticks with every driver who has been through and they are constantly on the lookout to avoid having to experience such a frightful occurrence ever again.

One should never have to work through an accident injury alone. From the insurance bills to the medical care to the emotional toll, a personal injury suffered from a car accident is one of those memorable experiences each person hopes to never have to go through again.

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