Out of the Frying Pan, into the Fire

It’s hard to prepare yourself for what to do in the event or in the aftermath of an accident because no one expects an accident to happen. But the truth is that many accidents occur every day and what you do or not do after a car accident can determine whether or not you receive compensation for your injuries or how much compensation you receive.

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One mistake people make after being involved in an accident is to refuse medical attention.

There are reasons for this:

  • You don’t feel it is necessary and you just want to go home, eat dinner, watch television, and go to bed.
  • You dislike doctors
  • You have no insurance and don’t want to pay the high cost of medical attention.
  • You are afraid the doctor will hospitalize you.

Not seeking medical attention after an accident is not a good move. Some accident victims do not immediately know the extent of their injuries. You may have sustained injuries of which you are unaware, and without medical attention, you may be very much aware of them by the next day!

It may also make your lawyer’s job more difficult if you do not receive immediate medical treatment. Your attorney will want to show that your injuries were not incurred previously; that they are a result of the accident.

It is essential to receive medical care after an accident. The first medical evaluation is critical. If you are injured, you will want to get medical care as soon as possible, in case you want to recover damages for your injuries in court.

There are some very serious medical complications that can arise as a result of an accident.

Don’t go from the frying pan into the fire.

The faster you receive a diagnosis and an evaluation of your injuries, the better the chance that your attorney will be able to prove that they resulted from the negligence of the other driver.

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