Bicycle Accidents

By August 16, 2010 January 14th, 2018 Personal Injury

This morning, the New York Times posted an article on their website (Titled “Deadliest for City’s Walker’s: Male Drivers, Left Turns”) sighting New York City as the number one hazardous city for pedestrians. Not only did the article go on to name some of the most dangerous locations for pedestrians to be walking at, but also included statistics indicating the increasing number of pedestrian accidents that have taken place
In a similar vein, Los Angeles is home to one of the largest community of bikers in the nation. With picturesque biking paths along the beach, and the coastline, it is no surprise that millions of individuals take family trips, join competitive teams, and leisurely bike all over the state. However, bikers are not the only commonly used form of transportation in California. With hundreds of millions of cars, as well, California records some of the highest number of bicycle accidents and fatalities each year. Sadly, reckless and distracted drivers are responsible for many of these accidents, and for this reason, California car and bicycle accident attorney Emery Ledger warns of the serious risks for bicyclists and vehicle drivers alike.
From a young age, we are usually taught to take necessary safety precautions: buckle our seat belts, look both ways before crossing, wear a helmet, etc. Unfortunately, what is sometimes unaccounted for is that other drivers may not be taking all of the same precautions. Just by grabbing over to reach for something and taking your eyes off of the road can cause an accident, which can be extremely serious if the other involved parties are pedestrians and/or bikers. The most common accident sites between bikers and vehicles are at intersections, merging lanes, and surface streets. Some drivers may believe that they have the right of away when driving next to a bicyclist and his misleading mindset can cause careless driving resulting in an injury of an innocent pedestrian, biker, or other victim. Bicycle riders can suffer very serious injuries, and sometimes even lead to death. Due to the power of a car, a bicyclist can sustain much larger, fatal injuries such as head injuries, multiple broken bones, permanent disfiguration, possible amputation, and need for surgery. Furthermore, continual treatments for the victim such as visits to the chiropractor and physical therapy can incur a very hefty medical bill. You and your family should not be responsible for paying for these expenses out of pocket, especially when you were not responsible for the accident. Therefore, it is very important to seek out legal counsel immediately following the accident. An experienced bicycle accident attorney can help you recover the compensation you deserve.
If you or a loved one has been involved in a bicycle accident, please contact California bicycle accident attorney Emery Ledger of the Law Offices of Ledger & Associates. Remember that a bicycle rider has the same rights as a truck driver, vehicle driver, or motorcyclist on the road and you deserve to have your rights and concerns voiced. For a free and detailed consultation please call (800) 300-0001 or visit the website at