Auto Accident With Kids in the Car

By January 30, 2010 February 10th, 2018 Auto Accident Lawyer

If you are a mother, and spend a lot of your time in the car driving your kids around, your chances of being in a car accident is much greater than someone without kids.

One reason is that mothers are typically responsible for getting their kids to and from their various daily events like school, sports, music, language lessons. This places mothers on the road much more often than say fathers, who typically go to the office, and come home. Fathers’ cars are more often than not parked in their company garages for most of the day unless they have a sales or delivery job.

Since mothers are on the road more hours per day, it stands to reason that they have a grater chance of being in a car accident. Add to this the fact that kids don’t always behave in the car, and can be a distraction while driving; this will also increase a mother’s chance of having a car accident.

If you or someone you know was involved in an accident, while kids were in the car, and they go to litigation over it, don’t go into it alone. If the other party has an attorney, they may use this against you whether it is true or not. It is way too easy to accuse a driver of not having the children buckled in, and convince a jury that the kids were fighting, or moving around inside the car, and that this accident happened because you failed to control your kids; and subsequently your car. Some lawyers have a way of painting a picture of how the accident happened; even if it was completely wrong. If it is believable, they could just win.

Accidents are very common, and can happen for a number of reasons- usually more than one reason at the same time. You will need an experienced lawyer to help you recreate the event, and make certain that no matter what happened, there was no ill intent; and circumstances just went beyond everyone’s control, and you acted in the most responsible manner possible. This could mean the difference between being held completely liable, and being found innocent.

There are many nuances in a court room, and without the help of a competent attorney, you might end up being viewed in a less than bright light. With all of the cars on the road, the chances of a more involved accident increase exponentially. What if there was another car that caused this accident, but they managed to speed away unharmed? What if an animal came out in front of you? What if there is a witness that decides to step forward?

There are so many things that can take place in a courtroom on any given, don’t let your future happen by chance, contact a professional who will ensure that you get the best representation possible. They are a lot more affordable than you think. Contact Ledger Law Firm today to find out how to safeguard your future. Call today- 800-300-0001.