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Workers CompensationWrongful Termination
August 30, 2021

Wrongful Termination & Workers’ Compensation

First thing’s first, What is Wrongful Termination? Wrongful termination occurs when an employer terminates or discriminates against the service of an employee while breaching one or more rules of the contract of employment. However, in the state of California, employers can hire employees by “employment-atwill” meaning that employers can fire employees at any point and time under any circumstance if…
August 30, 2021

Determining Fault in a Pedestrian Accident and the Steps to Take Afterwards

In a pedestrian-vehicle accident, the majority of people automatically assume that the driver is at fault. However, many different circumstances go into determining fault in this scenario, some of which place the pedestrian wholly at fault. Pedestrian Fault Times at which the pedestrian can be placed all of the blame are circumstances such as jaywalking, entering the road while under…
June 17, 2021

What Is Mesothelioma?

Among cancers, mesothelioma is known as one of the more aggressive and deadly types. While doctors have a variety of treatments to attempt on a patient, accessing a cure is another story. The name for the cancer comes from the type of body tissue that is affected by the cancer—the mesothelium, which is a thin tissue layer covering most of…
Car AccidentLegal Services
February 3, 2021

California Auto-Accident Law – Pure Comparative Negligence

California Auto-Accident Law - Pure Comparative Negligence When filing for an auto accident claim in the state of California, you might face something called a pure comparative negligence jurisdiction. Pure comparative negligence is a system created to associate liability between a defendant and a victim in an auto accident case. It can be used to help resolve confusion in situations…
Pepper Spray
Tips & Advice
October 12, 2020

Pepper Spray is Legal! – Kind Of.

Pepper Spray is Legal! - Kind Of. If you or a loved one is starting college or living on their own for the first time, safety becomes a concern. Pepper spray is commonly seen in movies and T.V. shows as easy means of protection, but what is the reality of it? Pepper spray is legal in all 50 states, to…
Accident attorney Newport Beach CA
Tips & Advice
October 10, 2020

Does Being High Count as a DUI in the State of California?

Does Being High Count as a DUI in the State of California? One of the first and most important things you learn before you get behind the wheel is to never drink and drive. Luckily, ride-share apps such as Uber and Lyft make that situation easily avoidable, but it does not take away the possibility entirely. Though we are taught…