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Electric scooter accident lawyer
Auto Accident Lawyer
January 28, 2019

Who Can Be Held Legally Responsible for Electric Scooter Accidents?

If you or a loved one is one of the many accident victims who has suffered injuries in an electric scooter accident, it is important that you speak with a lawyer who will investigate the facts of your case and explore all options for pursuing legal compensation. In the relatively short time since electric scooter usage has surged across the…
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Lime Scooter Accident Law Firm
Auto Accident LawyerMotorcycle Accident Lawyer
January 28, 2019

Why Are Electric Scooters Dangerous?

Electric scooters have rapidly become a favored mode of transportation for many of Americans, which helps explain how Bird and Lime are leading electric scooter startups that are now worth billions. And, for its part, Uber and Google's Alphabet have significantly invested in Lime, a scooter-sharing startup, to the tune of a staggering $335 million. The rapid growth of this industry, however,…
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