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May 26, 2019

Stunning $2 Billion Award to California Couple in Roundup Weed Killer Case

It's stunning. This month, a California couple was awarded a $2.055 billion verdict for their Roundup weed killer case against Monsanto. The award amounted to $55 million in compensation for both economic and non-economic damages and $2 billion in punitive damages. Though legal analysts, as NPR points out, suggest the punitive damages will be reduced upon appeal, this verdict is significant. Why…
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Car Accident
May 26, 2019

What Happens When There are No Survivors of a Vehicle Accident?

A fatal auto accident is devastating. Worse yet is when there are no survivors. Family members of all victims grieve. They also must deal with the financial or economic costs of the fatal accident. There are possibly medical bills. There could be property damage. The decedents may have had a partner or children or other relatives dependent on them financially…