Like any other accident, it is quite possible for an Uber driver to get into an accident that was not their fault. However, this fact is complicated by the fact that ride-hailing makes it easier for a contentious blame game of sorts to begin. Injured passengers or other victims may believe that an innocent Uber driver was legally at-fault for the accident, but the facts and a full investigation of the accident scene may tell a different story.

In fact, not only may the Uber driver not be at fault, but the driver may also suffer injuries that entitle the driver to legal compensation if, in fact, a different party was legally to blame for the accident and injuries caused. As such, Uber drivers who are being blamed for an accident the injuries that arose need to speak with an Uber accident attorney who represents Uber drivers who are wrongly accused of causing an accident.

These accidents are no uncommon occurrence, especially as the market for ride-hailing and ride-sharing apps has increased markedly. Recent statistics indicate that for-hire vehicle crashes have more than tripled in just a three-year period between 2014 and 2016. If you have been involved in an accident as an Uber driver, here are a few helpful steps you should take.

Make Sure All Passengers and Injured Victims, Yourself Included, Receive Proper Medical Attention

Legal liability is a large and important issue that should never be overlooked. That said, the medical needs of injured victims always come first. Call 911 if needed, and make sure that any bodily injuries of passengers, yourself or other victims are properly treated. This may necessarily require emergency services.

Obtain Relevant Evidence and Identifying Information That Can Help Your Case

If possible, take photographic evidence of the accident scene, which includes property damage of the vehicles involved and the surrounding scene of the accident. Also, obtain witness information and contact information from the other drivers involved, including the always-important license plate information.

This evidence will be incredibly useful when you present it to an attorney, as it can be used to create a stronger legal defense on your behalf.

Make Some Key Phone Calls

At this stage, it will be important to call Uber’s emergency hotline and your insurance company. However, never admit to being responsible for the accident, even if you believe this to be true in the immediate aftermath of the accident.

A full investigation may reveal you are completely innocent, which is entirely possible if a defective car part or similarly complex fact reveals you did nothing wrong. Admitting guilt before a proper investigation can be used as evidence against you that will undermine your legal claim.

Also, understand that the insurance company you will call will depend on whether you were offline at the time of the accident. If you were not online and available for a ride, then your personal insurance company will handle the accident. If, however, you were online, Uber will provide secondary coverage, but Uber should be called first if you had a passenger in the car at the time of the accident.

Once these calls are made appropriately, your next call should be with an attorney who represents drivers like yourself in Uber accidents. Contact The Ledger Law Firm to speak with an accident attorney who represents Uber drivers when they are not legally to blame for the accident.

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