Here at Ledger & Associates, we see the gamut of cases and meet all kinds of people who have in one way or another been wronged. Clients arrive with stories about tragic accidents and very quickly, our attorneys respond to their every need. We’ve laughed and cried with clients. We’ve attended their weddings, ball games and some of our personal injury attorneys have developed life-long friendships with clients. Literally, we have seen it all.

We understand completely the emotional burden of being involved in a negligent auto accident, negligent motorcycle accident, negligent trucking accident or negligent aviation accident. You or a loved one has been hurt. You’re angry, stressed, confused and want justice. All of this is completely understandable.

You want someone to pay for what they have done.

So do we!

If you or a loved one has been negligently injured we would ask you to answer one question before you do something you may regret: is acting irrationally going to do anything to help you or your loved ones? No. It won’t. In fact, it may limit what kind of justice you receive. Please, we’d rather have you scream at us then do something you or your loved ones may regret. Seriously. If you want to vent about your injury, the party that injured you, your (or the negligent party’s) insurance company, give us a call and vent your frustration. Tell our lawyers what happened, who wronged you or your loved one and let us do what we do best – get you the legal and financial justice you deserve. If you or a loved one has been injured or, heaven forbid, perished due to the negligence, carelessness or willful act of another, you can rest assured that legal justice may be right around the corner. The kind of justice that will make those responsible pay for what they have done. This will only happen if you team up with legal advocates that will fight for your rights. Trust us, we’ve seen our share of angry, tearful, screaming clients. Frankly, it only motivates us even more to get out there and fight on their behalf.