Airplane Lawyer Expertise

By April 7, 2012 January 3rd, 2018 Aviation Accident Injury Tips

An airplane lawyer has access to various medical professionals and expert crash witnesses to help an injured person or a loved one who died wrongfully in an airplane crash obtain the compensation he or she deserves.

An airplane lawyer is also highly familiar with the FAA regulations that regulate the operation of an airline. These regulations provide guidelines and regulations that must be followed by the airline and its pilots.

An experienced airplane crash attorney and his staff of expert witnesses ensure that evidence is preserved. Experts re-review the government agency and manufacturer investigations. Counsel and his team of experts must also determine who was responsible for the accident and whether there was negligence involved. They examine the maintenance company involved in the given case. Maintenance crews, like pilots, must be certified by the FAA.

If a pilot caused an airplane crash, and his or her negligent behavior is found to have been the cause of an airplane crash, you may also be entitled to punitive damages.