What Does Being Injured in a DUI Accident May Mean For You?

You can control yourself and how you are as a driver, but you cannot control other
people’s actions behind the wheel.

Though you can hope and assume everyone else will do as you do and abide by the law and not operate a vehicle while under the influence. It is a scary thought to consider, but it is always best to bee prepared for the worst situation than being blindsided by an unfortunate event.

What Should You Do If You Are Involved in an Accident While the Other Person is Under the Influence?

First and foremost, you must approach this as you would any other car accident.
Assess your injuries and the injuries of those in the car, contact the police, and gather as much information you can about the accident on sight.

But if the other person is under the influence of a substance, what else do you do from there?

You can assume that the officers on sight are going to deal with the intoxicated individual however they see fit, but you can do something for yourself as well.

You should contact a personal injury lawyer to help you file a claim against the person at fault.

A personal injury case involving a DUI is handled differently by federal law than a
typical automobile accident.

Unlike a regular accident, you can sue for punitive damages on top of a personal injury claim.

In the state of California, you will most likely build a case supporting the at-fault driver guilty of malice. This means the driver understood that their actions could put other’s safety at risk, and they continued to disregard that fact.

Their poor decision making can result in you receiving greater compensation for damages or injuries acquired during the accident.

If you or a loved one are ever involved in an unfortunate accident such as this one, you should be aware of your rights and all of the ways you can be properly compensated for another individual’s disregard for your safety.

With modern-day technology, education, and phone apps, people should know better than to get behind a wheel if they have been drinking and, instead, find an alternative way home.

It is one thing to disregard your safety and put yourself in harm’s way, but that situation is brought to a whole new level when you put innocent people in that position.

You should not be the reason a parent might not make it home to their children, you should not take away the option of safety or comfort from an innocent commuter.

If you or a loved one has been involved in an automobile accident involving a drunk driver, contact the expert attorneys at The Ledger Law Firm or visit ledgerlaw.com.

Their personal injury attorneys will fight for you to receive the best compensation possible for any. injuries, damages, or otherwise. No one should be in this situation, but if you are, make sure you are receiving the best care and representation possible found at The Ledger Law Firm.

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