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I am Emery Ledger, founder of The Ledger Law Firm. For more than 20 years, I have successfully represented clients in their most important personal injury matters, fully devoting myself to helping those whose lives have been changed in an instant because of someone else’s negligence. In the years since I began practicing law in 1998, I have earned a national reputation for helping my clients receive the compensation they deserve, and I have achieved this while putting the client first at all times.

Your voice and your legal right to compensation and justice for the wrongs you have suffered matter. When I accept your case, know that you are not just another number to me or this law firm. Over the years, the success I have attained as a licensed attorney in the states of California and Washington helped The Ledger Law Firm grow into a national law firm. However, this growth and sustained success representing personal injury victims was only possible because Ledger Law never lost sight of our founding principles. When I represent personal injury victims or an injury victim’s surviving loved one, I do so fully understanding the great responsibility that I have. The weight of this responsibility has driven me to deliver the life-changing results that my clients deserve after trusting me with their personal injury case.

With a 10.0 Avvo rating and membership in esteemed invitation-only professional organizations such as The Mass Tort Trial Lawyers Association – Top 25, the respect of fellow attorneys has meant a great deal. These accomplishments were only possible, however, because I was able to make a difference in the lives of my clients. For this reason, I am most proud of the endorsements received by the clients we have helped at The Ledger Law Firm.

If someone were to ask me why I chose personal injury law, the honest answer is that it is an honor to serve as someone’s legal advocate and ally in a time of need. After more than two decades of legal practice and making a difference for injured victims, it is a choice I would easily make again. When you reach out to The Ledger Law Firm for a free case evaluation, I am confident that you will discover our team is made up of more than mere attorneys.

I, and the rest of the team I have built at Ledger Law, prioritize a client-facing culture that lets you know we will be your family’s legal advocate every step of the way. Our clients deserve nothing less than the best legal representation after suffering serious personal injuries, which inspires me to continue working on behalf of every client until we negotiate a successful settlement or win at trial. The final decision, as always, will be yours to make, but our legal advocacy and steadfast counsel will empower you to make an informed decision concerning the compensation you are owed.

My ultimate goal is to be the legal hero you can count on when you need financial compensation to be made whole after an accident. That way, you will have the financial security to heal, get back on your feet and be the hero who continues to inspire your family and community. Our team at The Ledger Law Firm is waiting to hear your case at absolutely no cost to you.

Very Best,

Emery Brett Ledger

Attorney At Law