Ledgerlaw Members - Elizabeth

Operations Manager



Elizabeth Reed was awarded a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Sciences by Kansas State University in August 2009. She was also awarded two minors in the studies of French and Business. Her degree includes an emphasis in Women’s Studies and Psychology. In addition, she studied at the Institute Catholique in Paris earning an International Certification. In Paris she was required to participate in the language, history, and culture of France. In college she participated in several activities, mainly dealing with equal rights, fair trade, and local crimes. For over 10 years she also accomplished goals pertaining to the business aspect of her studies, including top placements in regional competitions in Marketing & Management. Her previous life experience is based around sales and customer service. She is a dynamic trainer with focused organizational qualities.

Her daily responsibilities incorporate the tasks involved in managing a law office. Her business background coupled with her customer service expertise made her a substantial addition to the law firm. Daily she benefits from interactions with clients on a personal and professional basis. Personal injury law was the most appealing form for Elizabeth. It is an opportunity to work with people in an occupation that aims to help people.

Elizabeth’s personality makes each day at the law firm new and exciting. She takes the time to understand clients apart from just the business aspect. She is friendly, honest, and committed to every aspect of the office.