Head of Information Technology/Security



Cooney joined The Ledger Law Firm in 2020, as the head of IT and Security.  A versatile and experienced Audio Visual Specialist with a strong foundation in network infrastructure and cybersecurity learned at the U.S. State Department;  This experience allows him to keep the Firm’s Founder physically and digitally safe, from both the Firm’s headquarters and remote offices.  Cooney has a passion for technology and digital security that has driven me to seamlessly integrate AVl systems with robust, secure, and reliable networks, ensuring that the digital experiences I create are not only engaging but also protected against cyber threats.

With a background in network infrastructure, Cooney has the expertise to design, implement, and manage the intricate connectivity that underpins modern audiovisual setups. This unique combination of skills allows me to create immersive environments while safeguarding them against potential vulnerabilities.

As a long time expert in the industry with a deep knowledge,  Cooney excels at maintaining a wide array of AV equipment, access control, CCTV, and integrating corporate security for target executives.  Ensuring that the  technology works harmoniously within the network across The Ledger Law Firm’s multiple locations coupled with a background in cyber security allows Cooney to identify and mitigate potential risks, ensuring data and communication integrity.

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