Assistant Case Manager



Growing up, Carolina developed a deep love for reading, travel, and helping others. She was particularly drawn to history, and anthropology quickly became her favorite subject. Her natural empathy for others led her to pursue a career in law, where she could assist and help those in need. She’s passionate about justice and believes in fighting for what’s right. Working with people from other countries has broadened her perspective and taught her to deeply connect with others. She’s a good listener and always happy to help and serve others.

Aside from her work, she also loves cats and nature. Going to the gym, reading, and listening to music are some of her favorite ways to unwind. Her experience working as an assistant case manager has taught her the importance of attention to detail, dedication, and tenacity. She always brings these tools to the table when working with clients.

Her passion for traveling and exploring other cultures has led her to some of the most unusual and spectacular places worldwide. During one of these adventures, She met the love of her life, her husband, and they’ve been adventuring together ever since. Her sense of adventure is balanced by a spiritual philosophy of life, which helps her stay grateful, positive, and calm in any situation. She believes in looking for the best in people and situations and staying focused on what’s truly important.

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