Brigitte freeman - Assistant Case Manager

Assistant Case Manager



Born in the Bluegrass fields of Kentucky as the eldest of (3) siblings, Brigitte came to the Pacific Northwest at the age of (8) after her father accepted a job offer 3,000 miles from home in Kent, Washington.  Upon graduation from Kentridge High School, Brigitte enrolled at Bellevue Community College.  After short time the allure of The Beach was too strong, and Brigitte moved to Southern California and immediately fell in love with the sun soaked lifestyle.

Brigitte was asked to join the staff at Massage Envy, and soon thereafter she was promoted to Business Manager, a role that she thrived in for (7) years.  Brigitte’s passion for justice brought her to the doorstep of the Ledger Law Firm where she serves as a prominent member of the firm’s case management team, providing the attorneys with invaluable assistance each day.